Author Brandon T. Copeland

Brandon "Kong" Copeland is a former Mixed Martial Arts competitor using Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as his fighting style. For eleven years, Brandon was a MMA competitor winning two titles in two different weight classes. He teaches women and children’s self defense classes and as well as training amateur and professional fighters. 


Brandon Co-Owns the only training facility on Put-In-Bay Island "Muscle Bay Fitness" which opened in 2017. 


Brandon is a motivational speaker for anti-bullying with his “I Stopped a Bully” campaign. He created The Gorilla as the super-hero to accompany the “I Stopped a Bully” after meeting several children who suffered from being bullied. He has spoken at colleges and universities, K-12 school districts, Fortune 100/500 companies, Juvenile Detention Centers, Churches and other youth programs. 


“ This book is a groundbreaking opportunity for me to educate and inspire children about the impact that bullying has on everyone.” 

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